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Why study at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic?
Unique - AD Poly has developed one-of-a-kind Higher Diploma and Bachelor programs in partnership with corporate entities planning to build new and significant enterprises in the UAE.
Innovative - Building on the German apprenticeship training paradigm, AD Poly created a dual education system in which students spend about half their education in training facilities and apprenticeships.
High Salaries - High-tech industrial employees in emerging fields are paid higher salaries than comparable industry employees because they possess unique skills in highly specialized fields without an existing workforce.
Bright Future - Get in on the ground floor of emerging technologies before they make their mark in the UAE!
International Opportunities - AD Poly offers the opportunity to be part of a global community by training at state-of-the-art facilities in countries with highly developed relevant industries.
Reputation for Excellence - AD Poly will follow the IAT example and develop a robust program that will be accredited by all appropriate academic and industrial organizations.
Streamlined - The AD Poly Higher Diploma and Bachelor are rigorous and ambitious programs that prepare technologists and engineers-in-training for immediate placement after the period of study.
Advancement - AD Poly has designed the academic component of the dual education to meet the requirements for educational advancement for students who would like to pursue a Masters degree or prepare to become licensed professional engineers, etc.