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About EHS



Environment Health and Safety General Policy


Abu Dhabi Polytechnic (ADPOLY) intends to establish a strong EHS culture to provide a safe and healthy environment for its students, employees, sub-contractor and visitors. ADPOLY strives to play a leadership role within the United Arab Emirates involving environmental stewardship, health protection and safety standards, commitment for continuous improvements and comply with laws and regulations relating to the environment, health and safety.


Abu Dhabi Vocational Education & Training Institute adopts the following objectives in order to help meet its goal of providing a healthful and safe campus environment for students, employees, sub-contractors and visitors. Meeting these objectives shall be the responsibility of everyone at the Institutes and School campuses. ADPOLY with the full supports of its Entities Top Management and employees will provide oversight and report on progress toward meeting these objectives, therefore we are committed:

  • that the management of safety and health is a prime responsibility of line management from the most top executive level to first-line supervisory level;
  • to be appropriate to the hazards and risks of ADPOLY's work activities and include a commitment to protect, so far as is reasonably practicable, its students employees and others, such as contractors and members of the public, from safety and health risks associated with our activities;
  • to comply with relevant safety and health legislation, Codes of Practice and guidelines, as a minimum;
  • in providing adequate resources for the implementation of our EHS Management System;
  • in providing on-going training in relevant environment, health and safety issues and ensuring that all staff and contractors maintain the required level of competency;
  • to provide a framework for measuring performance and ensuring continuous improvement by setting, auditing and reviewing environment, health and safety objectives and targets;
  • to document, understand, implement and maintained at all levels of the organization
  • in promoting awareness and encouraging participation through effective communication and consultation with staff, students, contractors and concerned stakeholders;
  • to integrate the connection between quality, the environment, health and safety, and good management practice;
  • to provide the provision and maintenance of plant and equipment that is safe and without risks to health;
  • to continually improve our EHS Management System and performance through monitoring and periodic review of our EHS Policy and progress toward EHS objectives and targets.


This policy is issued to all employees of ADPOLY and its entities.