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Sponsors and Industrial Partnerships


The industrial sponsor of the Higher Diploma in Nuclear Technology program is the Nawah Energy Company. Nawah is working to safely and reliably generate electricity from nuclear energy to contribute to the UAE’s growth, development and quality of life for generations to come. The HDNT is unique in that it is integrated with the training program of Nawah (previously the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation) and meets industrial standards based on Nawah’s Systematic Approach to Training. Nuclear-based curriculum is taken from the U.S. industrial standard and the equivalent UAE National Qualification Authority (NQA) Vocational Education and Training Awards Council (VETAC) Qualification and National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) endorsed in 2017. The nuclear-based curriculum satisfies the knowledge and skills components of the VETAC qualifications which when combined with the application components conducted through on-the-job training leads to awarding of the qualifications by Nawah.​


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