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Dr. Hatsari Mitsudharmadi
Assistant Professor
PhD, 2007, Mechanical Engineering



PhDMechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2007.
MEngMechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2002
EngGrad Engineering Graduate, Mechanical Engineering, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, 1993


Short Bio

Dr. Mitsudharmadi joined Electromechanical Engineering Technology of Abu Dhabi Polytechnic on August 2019 as an Assistant Professor. The core expertise of Dr. Mitsudharmadi is conducting research study in experimental fluid mechanics/aerodynamics fields by means of hot-wire anemometry, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Phase Doppler Interferometer (PDI), and flow visualisation techniques which include the use of Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP) system, smoke-wire, helium bubble and Schlieren Photography. His previous affiliations include Mercu Buana University where he worked as a Lecturer for 6 years after which he decided to pursue his master and doctorate degrees in National University of Singapore. After finishing his PhD degree, he joined Temasek Laboratories where he worked as a Research Scientist in the Aeroscience Department for 8 years. Thereafter, Dr. Mitsudharmadi joined King Abdullah University of Science and Technology as Research Specialist in Clean Combustion Research Centre for 5 years. His work has led to 17 publications in International Journal and more than 30 conference proceedings.