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EMET Students' Project




Abu Dhabi Hard Ware Show- Bridge Project
The ADHS powered by Mitex, was the first and only exhibition related to hardware and tools that took place in Abu Dhabi between the 30th of October and the 1st of November 2016. The User Experience Zone included a project that aimed to develop and deliver a design concept for a mechanically movable bridge. This project's objective was to reduce traffic congestion and promote a more efficient transport system to accommodate both road and water vehicles. Mechanically opening bridges are prevalent in countries such as Denmark, France, Argentina and England. These bridges only open in the vertical direction. The mechanical bridge EMET students intended to design was movable in the horizontal plane. The bridge was comprised of two parts. These components moved in the opposite horizontal direction to each other. These horizontal movements were controlled automatically through the use of electrical sensors and motors. The team members included Duha Rashed, Saeed Alshehhi, Fatema Aref Mohammed Alteneiji, Amena Mohamed Abdulla Eisa, Azhar Nasser Saeed Alhebsi, Ayesha Abdul Aziz Khalifa Alsuwaidi, Reem Sawed Zayed Al Mansoori, Suhila Salem Al Shaer Al Murooshed, Hamad Abdulwahed Shafei Alkamali, Adel Ali Mohamed Al Marzouqi, Ali Ibrahim Ali ALZarooni, Omran Mohamed Ali Albannai, Obaid Yousif Mohamed AlNaqbi, Khamis Ahmed Khamis Abdulrahman Albreiki and supervised by Dr. Mohammad Kabir.



EmiratesSkills National Competition

EmiratesSkill’s focuses on having activities that raises the awareness about career-based technical and vocational education among young Emiratis. It holds different activities to attract young talented Emiratis. Activities include competitions, events, training programs and technical career activities. The National Competition organized by the EmiratesSkills was open to innovative young Emiratis, both men and women, to compete in the field of craftsmanship and technology. The competition for this year took place in ADNEC between the 10th and the 12th of May.
Abu Dhabi Polytechnic EMEMT students participated in different categories of the National Competition. Two groups participated in the Mechanical Category of the Competition. One of the groups participated in the Mechanical Engineering Design – CAD competition and the other group participated in the CNC Training Project Competition. Another two groups participated in the Mechatronics Category under the Electro Pneumatic- PLC Competition and they won the 1st and the 2nd place. Finally, three groups participated in the Mobile Robotics Category of the Competition.
Hybrid Cars Competition by Global EEE

Global Education Energy Environment organizes student competitions around the world to promote education, energy efficiency and environmental consciousness. Part of its competition is the Hybrid Electric Challenge which requires the participants to apply engineering design, management principles and strategy to construct and race full-size electric and hybrid-electric cars. The challenge of this year took place between the 7th and 9th of April at Al Forsan International Kart Circuit. Teams from different countries participated in the challenge such as the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt. Moreover, different universities from the UAE participated in the competition. Local Universities included MI, PI, UAEU, AUS and ADU. One team from Abu Dhabi Polytechnic EMET students participated in the challenge. The team members were Khamis Albreiki, Obaid Alblooshi, Adel Almarzouqi, Mohamed Albannai, Osama Alktheeri, Abdullah Altemimi, Obaid Alnaqbi and Abdullah Alblooshi and supervised by Dr. Qais Khasawneh.
Khalifa Award for Education
The award aims to encourage innovative and talented students to design and apply educational projects. Abu Dhabi Polytechnic EMET students participated with two projects in the award. The first project was implemented by Manal Mabkhoot Ali and Sara Mohammed Abdo AlAzazi. The project was about an obstacle avoiding robot. The robot detects any obstacle that it faces while moving and then moves to a side, whether to the right or to the left, in order to avoid the obstacle. The second project was about a kinect controlled robot. The project was done by Ahmed Mohamed Al Maskari and Jawahir Salem Al Shamsi. The robot moves according to the hand gestures detected by the Kinect. So, if the user moves his/her hand to the right, the robot will move to the right. The hand gestures included right, left, front, back and stop.

Tadweer Awareness Award
The award aimed to educate students about the importance of waste management. Moreover, it aimed to raise environmental awareness among students and cultivate a culture of waste reuse. The award was open to school and university students from the private and public sector in Abu Dhabi. It focused on encouraging the students to use their creativity and innovation to support Tadweer’s efforts in protecting environment for future generations, while promoting a healthy competitive spirit among students. Participants were expected to produce an innovative piece promoting the reuse of waste.
 EMET students participated in this competition through two projects. The first project was done by Ahmad Ibraheem Al jasmi. He designed a chandelier that was made of used plastic cups. The second project was designed by-Sultan Rashed Al Hosani. He re used car wheels in order to produce tables and chairs.

Videos about Students’ Projects:

 Students' Project