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Philosophy of General Education at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic


On the top of our priorities at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic is to make sure that undergraduate students receive a diverse and robust general education since enrollment to graduation. In the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 with increasing demands on professional expertise, general education plays a vital role in preparing graduates who can maneuver technological advancements as they occur.


The Academic Support Department (ASD) at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic remains committed to assuring that all undergraduate students, regardless of their academic major, receive a broad education entrenched in natural sciences, mathematics, fundamentals of engineering technology, humanities, communication skills, and innovation and entrepreneurship. The ASD curriculum is not limited to freshman and sophomore years; it is integrated into the fabric of each program at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic from start to finish. It helps students to expand their knowledge and professional perception while studying Arabic language and Islamic culture, developing their Emirati national identity, learning how to be better communicators in English and striving for life-long self-efficacy.


The general education curriculum recognizes prior learning through a well-defined articulation plan for different high-school systems. Students can waive one or more semesters upon joining Abu Dhabi Polytechnic. Furthermore, our general education curriculum has been benched marked with national and international polytechnic and applied higher education institutions’ curricula. Studying at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic gives students opportunities for transfer from other institutions, degree bridging, exchange programs, and continuation of their graduate studies. Our general education curriculum meets institutional needs as well as those of accreditation bodies. Therefore, Abu Dhabi Polytechnic‘s transfer process is one of the most student-friendly in the region.


ASD’s long-term commitment is to provide a robust educational ecosystem that enables development of interpersonal and lifelong learning skills. We accomplish this through our diverse academic services, learning resources, flexible course offerings and delivery options, research and scholarly activities, and social events. ASD also offers a variety of academic services, such as tutoring and e-learning resources, to support students in their pursuit of institutional, educational, and life goals.


Abu Dhabi Polytechnic’s philosophy considers the general education as a bedrock upon which detailed major-specific information is built. We believe that students with a well-rounded general education are also better informed and more likely to engage in meaningful activities to improve their own well-being as well as become positive contributors within their communities, professions, and country.


Program Educational Objectives