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Math Placement



Mathematics Placement Examination (MPE)

Math Placement exams serve to assess the needs and backgrounds of students preparing for college curriculum. All students admitted to ADPoly are required to take the Math Placement Exam (MPE) prior to registration of courses. Exam results will be used to place students in the appropriate mathematics course which reflects their math understanding. Hence, students should be placed at the right math level for them. Students will be placed into MATH100 (Pre-calculus) unless they pass the MPE with a score of 70% or higher. For students who register for Higher Diploma in Nuclear Technology (HDNT), the required result is 80 or more. At this point, MATH100 will be waived and students will be given permission to register for MATH111 (Calculus I).

Note: The MPE qualifies students to sit for further challenge exams. Students who don’t pass the MPE can’t sit for challenge exams for mathematics, physics and/or chemistry.


Challenge Examinations

Credit is available by optional challenge examinations at AD Poly to those students who have already studied certain subjects at the college level (Recognition of Prior Learning). In the case of a course where both experimental and theoretical skills are involved, students may be required to fulfill the laboratory portion. College credit achieved by challenge examination is entered as units of credit on the student’s official academic record. Letter grades are not assigned.


Chemistry/Physics Challenge Exams

Students can earn credits for physics and chemistry courses according to the policy indicated in Table 1. They can sit for chemistry and physics challenge exams according to the following conditions:


  1. The student must first pass the Math Placement Exam (MPE) or have earned a score on the EmSAT/SAT/AP/IB chemistry or physics exam as indicated in the Test Score Tables 1 and 2).
  2. Next the student has to pass the chemistry/physics challenge exam with ≥ 70%.


Calculus Challenge Examination

Students who passed the MPE or earned a score from nationally or internationally recognized exams such as IB, AP, or other equivalent exams have the option to take a challenge examination in Calculus I and then Calculus II. The calculus challenge exams must be taken prior to matriculation and may be taken only by new or transfer students in the first semester of their enrollment at AD Poly.



Download Math Placement Exam Brochure