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Physics II Challenge


Topics (CTs):

CT1. Electric Charge and Electric Field: Properties of electric charge, Forces between electric charges and Coulomb’s law, Definition of electric field, Calculation of electric fields, Motion of a charged particle in an electric field, Electric flux, Applications of Gauss’s Law.

CT2. Electric Potential and Capacitance: Electrical potential energy, Calculation of electric potential, Calculation of capacitance, Analysis of effects of dielectrics in capacitors.

CT3. Current, Resistance, and Dielectric Current Circuits: Examination of current, current density, resistance and resistivity, Interpretation of Ohm’s law, Analysis of electric networks via Kirchhof’s rules.

CT4. Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forces: Motion point charges under crossed electric and magnetic fields, Biot-Savart Law and its use for calculation of magnetic fields, Ampere’s Law and applications.

CT5. Electromagnetic Induction: Use of Faraday’s Law and Lenz’s Law in calculating induced emf’s and currents, Motional emf, Mutual inductance, self-inductance and inductors.