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Physics I Challenge


Topics (CTs):

CT1: SI units. Prefixes to SI units. Conversion between systems.

CT2: Vectors: scalar and vector quantities. Graphical addition of vectors. Components of vectors. Addition of vectors using components.

CT3: Kinematics: motion in a straight line. Motion with uniform acceleration. Free fall. Relative velocity in a straight line. Motion in a plane. Projectiles. Relative velocity in a plane.

CT4: Dynamics: Newton's first law, Mass, Newton's second law & third law, Friction, Applications of Newton's laws.

CT5: Work and energy: Work. Kinetic energy. Gravitational potential energy. Elastic potential energy. Principle of conservation of energy. Work-energy theorem.

CT6: Linear momentum and impulse: Conservation of linear momentum principle and applications.

CT7: Rotational Motion: angular displacement, angular velocity and angular acceleration. Tangential and normal (centripetal) acceleration and moment of inertia.

CT8: Rotational Dynamics. Torque, moment of inertia, work and power.

CT9: (Optional) Fundamentals of fluid mechanics: density. Static pressure. Pressure gauges. Buoyancy. Bernoulli’s equation. Real fluids (viscosity and turbulence)