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Counseling Services



Academic Advising & Counselling

Students can obtain academic advice from their course instructors and their technical department faculty. In addition, tutors and learning advisers are available and can advise students on issues related to academic writing, exam preparation, time management, and other academic skills. Learning advisers can help students improve the structure of written assignments, organize ideas, develop arguments, and understand the expectations of Abu Dhabi Polytechnic. Their focus is on helping students develop strategies to independently revise their own work and manage their study.


In addition, Each student is assigned a trained academic advisor selected from the senior faculty to assist in developing and following a concrete plan leading to attainment of a target degree.


Personal and Career Councelling

All students are given advice on careers at the orientation session administered early in their enrollment and throughout their tenure at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic. Students are given opportunities to discuss their careers with sponsors visiting Abu Dhabi Polytechnic on frequent basis.


Abu Dhabi Polytechnic has career advisers, counselors, and other administrative staff whose primary focus is to help students overcome their academic and social problems and to be aware of other programs at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic. Counseling may be offered to students who have academic or personal problems that might interfere with their classroom performance or social functioning.


For the AA campus, student should their program head or Contact student services at 03 799 6431 for counseling and other assistance. ​