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Course Structure


Course Designations and levels

The program utilizes the course numbering system used by ADPoly. The course has a unique alpha-numerical number that identifies the department offering the course and the level of the course. Abu Dhabi Polytechnic-Al Ain Campus course descriptions and syllabi are listed in alpha-numeric order in the course catalog. The course’s alpha designators are listed below as:

  • AMT: Aircraft Maintenance Technology-Aeromechanics
  • AVT: Aircraft Maintenance Technology-Avionics
  • AVSC: Aviation Science
  • ENGL: English Language
  • HUM: Humanities
  • ICT: Information Computer Technology
  • MATH: Mathematics
  • PHYS: Physics


The course level is identified by the course numerical designate. The following rules apply:

  • Courses numbered 100–299 are lower-division courses (Level I and Level II Courses) and are generally taken in the 1st and 2nd years.
  • Courses numbered 300–399 are upper-division (Level III) courses, reflecting advanced levels of technical skills and knowledge. Upper-division work is generally taken in the 2nd and 3rd years.


In the following, the program structure for each of the options lists the courses that constitutes that option. Since the Diploma program is part of the Higher Diploma program the course lists covers all courses for both the Diploma and the Higher Diploma. The flow charts that follows displays the degrees and course sequences into three years. The first two years constitute the Diploma degree and the third-year top-up completes the requirements for the Higher Diploma.