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Program Description


AM program Descriptions


Diploma and HD in Aircraft Maintenance
This is a two years (Diploma) and a three years (Higher Diploma) program that comprises aviation fundamentals as an integral part of a professional license leading to certification as Maintenance Certifying Mechanic. These programs adhere to the European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) part 66 rules and regulations and the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) CAR 66 rules and regulations in preparing “Category A” Line Maintenance Mechanic courses. Students in these programs can earn the local and the international licenses upon successful completions of the requirements as well as the earning the prospective academic Diploma and Higher Diploma qualifications. The Higher Diploma of this program comprises advanced topics in aviation maintenance, however, it does not lead to other certification or licenses. The Higher diploma course branch into the two main area of part 66, cat B1.1 and Cat B2. This program also comprises a mandatory one term On-the-Job-Training as an essential part of the students’ education and later licensing.


Currently, ADPoly is proposing a fourth year top-up leading to an Applied Bachelor in Aircraft Maintenance. The fourth year will be published in due course.


Student program duration depend on the need of the student and sponsoring agency. In the following, the Diploma and the Higher Diploma programs are described.