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Transfer Students



Transfer Course Credits from other Institutions

Admitted students to ADPoly might transfer credits courses completed at other accredited (licensed) internal or external institutions for degree credit at ADPoly. Courses and credits earned at other institutions and accepted for transfer at ADPoly will be listed in the student’s transcript and designated with a letter (T). These credit courses will not be included either in student’s GPA or CGPA. Admitted students who are seeking to transfer credit courses must submit their valid attested documents including original credit courses transcript, course syllabi, and/or other evidence to the Student Services Office upon the acceptance at ADPoly by the second week of their first semester. The documents will be evaluated by the articulation committee toward credit course transfer by the department offering the course(s) within two weeks. The transferrable credit courses for undergraduate are courses completed at other accredited (licensed) institutions either with grade of at least C and above (≥ C) or with Pass for Pass/Fail courses only. The maximum number of credit courses that might be accepted for transfer cannot exceed 50% of the total course credits required for graduation at ADPoly.


General Conditions

  • The placement and challenge exams’ results will be valid for one academic year;
  • Students transferring from other institutions (internal or external) into same program major, shouldprovide valid documentations and are in a good academic standing (CGPA≥ 2.0 out of 4.0 points scale, or equivalent);
  • Students transferring from other institutions (internal or external) who are not in a good academic standing are allowed to transfer to a different program from the one which the student is transferring;
  • The final decision to grant credit is at the discretion of ADPoly, and any units of credit awarded will appear on the student’s official academic record with a letter “T”;
  • Credit grant can be given only once for same course even if it was taken at two different institutions;
  • Transfer undergraduate credits are only granted for courses with an overlap of 80% or more similarity between course learning outcomes (CLOs) and in which the student earned a grade of C (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better; and, for courses with at least the equivalent or greater credit value to ADPoly’s course;
  • As per accreditation standards, credits for training, internship, and graduation projects cannot be transferred from another institution to satisfy ADPoly degree requirements;
  • All credits awarded towards a degree by showing recognition of prior learning or taking courses out of the college (with prior ADPoly approval) and/or transferred from other institutions should not exceed 50% of the total number of credits which are required to complete a degree at ADPoly;
  • AD Poly treats credits taken under an aritculation agrement with another institution as transfer credit;
  • Only students who transfer from a Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) accredited institution in the UAE or from a foreign institution of higher learning based outside the UAE and accredited in the country of origin are eligible for transfer admission and credits;
  • A timely written notification will be provided to the student, prior to registration, of transferability of credit, and how much credit is granted toward the degree program;
  • The Academic Support Department (ASD) at ADPoly will provide regular updates of articulation tables and guidelines for accepted scores of nationally and internationally recognized exams that satisfy college requirements;
  • Tables (1 & 2) (Test Score Table) provide a detailed list of accepted challenge exams and scores required to earn credit at ADPoly.