Advanced Energy
Engineering Technology


“Courses are listed in alphabetical-numerical order according to the course code. The credit for each course is indicated after the title in the course description. A credit is mainly based on the number of lecture hours per week and is less affected by the number of laboratory or on-the-job training hours per week.”

AES1011 Mathematics Skills I
AES1012 Mathematics Skills II
AES1014 Applied Chemistry Syllabus
AES1013 Chemistry Principles Syllabus
AES1014 Applied Chemistry Syllabus
AES1015 Applied Technical Chemistry Lab (OCT 1)
AES1016 Physics Principles Syllabus
AES1017 Physics Principles Lab
AES1001 Engineering Symbols and Diagrams
AES1041 Electrical Engineering Tech I – DC
AES1042 Electrical Engineering Tech I Lab (OCT 2)                                   
AES2021 Basic Atomic and Nuclear Physics
AES2022 Basic Atomic and Nuclear Physics Lab (OCT 3)
AES2031 Mechanical Engineering Tech I                   
AES2032 Mechanical Eng Tech I – Lab (OCT 4)                               
AES2033 Mechanical Eng Tech II
AES2041 Electrical Engineering Tech II – AC                                   
AES2042 Electrical Engineering Tech II Lab (OCT 5)                                   
AES2051 Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow                                   
AES2052 Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Lab (OCT 7)                                   
AES2043 Instrumentation and Control Eng Tech                              
AES2044 Instrumentation and Control Tech Lab (OCT 6)                             
AES2061 Materials Engineering Technology                           
AES2062 Materials Engineering Tech Lab (OCT 8)                                   
AES2071 Rad Detection and Protection                         
AES2072 Rad Detection and Protection Lab (OCT 9)                                   
AES2073 Reactor Plant Safety                              
AES3080 Capstone Project

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