Information Security Engineering Technology

Program and Study Plan

Higher Diploma (3 Years)
Applied Bachelor (4 Years)


Software Security
Identify software programs vulnerabilities, Discuss generic techniques to improve the security of programs and applications, Design and Implement Secure Algorithms, Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) API, Microsoft Cryptographic API.

AY 2020/2021 onwards

AY 2020/2021 onwards


Network and Cyber Security

Design and Implementation of computer networks, Security Aspects of all types of computer networks, Security Analysis of typical attacks, and countermeasures.

AY 2020/2021 onwards

AY 2020/2021 onwards


Servers and Systems Security Administration

Manage configuration and operation of servers. Wide range of systems and servers, Extensive hands-on training and practical skills, Perimeter Protection In-Dept, System Security Intelligence, Security Policy Design & Implementation.

AY 2020/2021 onwards

AY 2020/2021 onwards

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